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Born Akintayo Akinmulero, Ty Magic is a rapper, singer and song writer who has performed in bands as well as played instruments since a tender age. Growing up, he started off writing songs for the school choir coupled with rapping during social events. He later went on to became a member of group called Triple Threat.

Ty Magic likes to be referred to as a musician owing to the fact that he is more concerned about the melodies, rhythm and trying to harmonize the song rather than rapping; writing a verse,dropping metaphors and punchlines etc. He produces the instrumentals, initiates the hook and employees the service of a professional singer with a melodious voice to convey the chorus in mind to the chorus your addicted to.

As graduate of microbiology, Ty Magic desires to be the single cell of good music present in a tissue of other musicians such that he can reproduce and colonize the surrounding tissue,thus organs,thus system. **Nerd alert** :)

Below is a track from him titled “Blackberry pin”. It’s actually very catchy! I like it…This is another blackberry themed song surrounding what I refer to as a blackberry craze.

Listen to “Blackberry Pin” ft. O2 Chilly

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  1. dapo says:

    lol…this is really creative and sick!

  2. bidemi says:

    Wow! Ty! Dint know you roll like this! This is realy good. No kidding. Am gonna play this on my curve for a long time

  3. Amos says:

    good stuff here. dope!

  4. ayodele says:

    She likes my Bold, I like her curve, I went on tour and took her y storm!…..Dont want ur number, dont want ur name, all i realy need is ur blakberry pin!

  5. lola says:

    Just creative! i dont realy listen to rap

  6. ibok says:

    Niaja is on a whole new level o! if not for a few pigin i for think say na Kanye west….lol..ok maybe i went to far.Maybe Not kanye west but the track does sound foreign…….sick and tired of them p-square tunes….keep it up guys whoever you is!

  7. Naomi says:

    lol..catchy tune! Came across this on facebook!…..
    Lol…at the Kanye west comment above,like seriously?..Kanye?

  8. tola says:

    nice one fam

  9. Sioma says:

    This rappers go hard

  10. Demo says:

    Impressed! Seriosly

  11. chike says:

    This Naija boiz no dey rest!..Nice one anyway

  12. bombaclak says:

    the flows are illlllllll

  13. elizabeth says:

    Ty am in love. Track makes sense. So so creative

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